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Your First Year – Do this first

So you have decided you want bee’s, now what. This year, like most I have had the good fortune to speak to quite a few people that have decided that they want to become bee keepers. Some want a better garden, some to help the bees because they have heard the hype that all the bees are dying and some just want some of their own honey. Whatever reason you have to want to start the journey there are some things you should know first.

If you had anyone in your family that kept bee’s in the “Good Ole Days” you have probably heard that you just put out a box catch a swarm dump them in and come back in a month and take the honey then just harvest a few times a year and that’s what beekeeping is. That was then this is now! In some cases, we actually have it better, we have lots of options with types of suits and equipment that was not available then. But in one important case we are at a big disadvantage, more about that later.

Once you decide to start with bees and start to do a little research you can quickly be overwhelmed with the extraordinary amount of information that is on the web. The bad news is that not all of the information is any good and an even smaller percentage is valid for your area. That’s right all beekeeping is local what works for me in one yard may not even work as well a few miles from me in another yard.

Rule number one when starting out, beekeeping is local, your best sources of information about your area are the beekeepers in your area. In Missouri and most states you can find information on local bee clubs by going to your state associate web page and searching for local clubs.


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